Friday, November 28, 2014

Lightning's Gunblade

So I was working on Lightning's gunblade where I basically stuck a few white pages together and drew out the basic idea of the life size I would want it to be. This basically gives me an estimated size.

I also drew in most of the details I want to be on it.
here's the references I used for it. Hope this helps anyone on how to start making a prop :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Garra's Flawless Hair

I still can't get over the fact that Garra changed quite a bit, his hair is flawless now XD

Seen the design for Garra for the movie sadly he doesnt have his flawless hair :(

Hecate II

Here's the scope I made for Sinon's Hecate II I realized its not really accurate since I made it really simple but I its the very first prop I made for any character and I'm quite proud of it :3
So I basically got a roll from gift wrapping its basically like a toilet roll except thicker and smaller which made it more sturdy. Then i got some craft foam and layered it, covered it in paper mache and once it dried i spray painted with a black mate paint as well as added a bit of detail with silver paint and a paint brush, you cant really see the details since i was scared to add too much and its a bit better in person :). Hope this help's too anyone trying to make a prop on what materials you could use.

It's Sakura :D

Here's a traditional drawing with promarkers :3

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mini Me

Chibi me that I'm really proud of >.<

Hope you like it :3

First Post

Here's my very first blog >_< in which I'll explain what I'll be doing.
For starters I'm working on a Sinon's Hecate II from Sword art online, as well as Akame from akame ga kill which I want to do I'm also working on Lightning's cosplay from Final Fantasy 13, I'm planning on adding my progress on each cosplay.
I also would like to do anime reviews as well as my opinion on games and other things that are happening :3
I hope that you will enjoy my blog and I'll try my best to be active I'm sorry if I'm not because I'm quite lazy :3